October 2015 - Impulse Training

Month: October 2015

Impulse Training - Life Is Weird

Life Is Weird

Life is weird. I mean, you only get one life… One chance… And you better not screw it up. So it would be pretty cool if we could find the instruction manual, and follow it step-by-step. Otherwise you could fail, right? No!  This is your life, and there is no instruction manual. There is no …

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Impulse Training - Is Your Food SAFE?

Is Your Food SAFE

In 1958, the US government appointed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to oversee the safety of our food supply.  So one would assume that the FDA approval means that food is good for us, right?  Their success depends on your definition of health. WRONG!   In 1997, the FDA began allowing companies to determine if …

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