May 2017 - Impulse Training

Month: May 2017

Impulse Training - Perspective


What is perspective? According to my dictionary it is defined as ‘a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.’ So…if we go into an activity – anything with a negative attitude or negative viewpoint, it makes the activity less enjoyable. Including eating. Perspective is how we view food as well. …

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Impulse Training - Color Your Nutrition

Color Your Nutrition

Why Blue & Purple Deep purple, and blue-ish fruits and vegetables contain a powerful chemical called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins act as powerful antioxidants protecting cells from damage. Anthocyanins may support healthy blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease (by preventing unnatural clot formations), improve memory function (overall healthy aging) and lower risk of cancer. Blue/purple fruits and veggies …

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Impulse Training - Are You Pursuing Your Passion?

Are You Pursuing Your Passion?

Many of us wake up, go do our jobs, come home, go to sleep, and do it all over again. But are you doing what really motivates and moves you?

Impulse Training - What Happens When You Can’t Workout

Is your Food Accessible

Many of my clients voice their frustration with the tedious task of ‘meal prepping.’ I get it. It can be a pain to devote your only day off to shopping, washing, cutting, cooking, prepping, separating, and eating the same meals for 5 days in a row. Some people love it and some hate it. For …

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