March 2019 - Impulse Training

Month: March 2019

Impulse Training - Women's Multi Vitamin

Women’s Multi Vitamin

Hey girl, Hey! Last week we covered the men’s multivitamin, so you know we couldn’t leave you ladies hanging! Here’s this week’s highlight just for you (or fella’s, if you have a lady in your life that could benefit from this awesome product, it’s for you too). We know that in the fast-paced world we …

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Impulse Training - His Multi Supplement

“HIS” Multi Supplement

SUPPLEMENT HIGHLIGHT: HIS MULTI You know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, the phrase originated in 1866 and honestly doesn’t hold any true value. Studies have actually shown that the old proverb, when taken seriously, did however help keep the pharmacist away. Apparently, daily apple eaters were more likely to …

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Impulse Training - Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fish Oil

It’s highlight time Fit Fam. This week we are covering Omega 3 Fish Oil and its benefits. What is it good for? Take a look. Supplement Features: 45 SERVINGS per container. 1) Promotes healthy blood pressure, blood vessels, circulation, and heart rhythm 2) Supports your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response 3) Promotes proper metabolism of dietary fat and cholesterol 4) Supports …

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Impulse Training - In-Game


Supplement Highlight: IN GAME Raise your hand if you know what our In Game product is! We can’t see if you actually raised your hand, but if you did, yay! If you don’t know what In Game is, fear not, I come bearing news and information. Now here’s the highlight of the week with more …

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