April 2019 - Impulse Training

Month: April 2019

Impulse Training - Impulse Greens

Impulse Greens

Hey fit family! Have you heard about our Greens yet? If you haven’t, here’s your chance to get the details on this wonderful superfood product. Now, let’s have real talk. How many of us really don’t get enough vegetables in our diet daily? How about fruits? Honestly, there are days that I don’t get enough …

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Impulse Training - Estrolean


This weeks highlight is for the ladies. That’s right, a supplement just for you. Let’s be honest, okay? Sometimes hitting our fitness or weight loss goals can be a little more challenging than we would like. Getting those stubborn body fat percentages to drop can sometimes be difficult. And sometimes we just can’t curb those …

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Impulse Training - Celebrating the Success of Others

Celebrating the Success of Others

Recently, I watched a documentary about the insanely athletic professional rock climber, Tommy Caldwell, on his journey to climbing the iconic El Capitan of Yosemite National Park. Over the years, he had perfected the handful of routes that have been climbed up the 3,000-foot slab of sheer vertical granite. However, the Dawn Wall, the first …

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Impulse Training - Test Boost

Test Boost

Alright Gents, Back to you. This week’s highlight is specially for the men in the house. Test Boost is one of our specialty products designed just for men and their needs. And you guessed it, it can help increase your testosterone levels naturally.  Here is the quick run down of the product and its benefits, along with use …

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