Just like you take care of your body, your mental health deserves attention as well. Improving your lifestyle by adding regular exercise and balanced meals will help boost your mental health, energy levels, and overall well-being. Having a supportive community, like at Impulse Fitness, can help you find the right solutions for what your mind and body need.

Impulse Trainers hard at work providing fitness coaching to clients

Physical Activities

Activities and exercises you are involved in affect your mental health in the same way as your body. Many studies have shown that exercise has the potential to impact mental health in the same way as antidepressants. You can experience these benefits by visiting Impulse Training, going for a walk, taking the stairs, or even playing with your dog in the yard. What seems like simple changes can have amazing benefits to your mental health.

When you need a quick workout during the busy week, try out one of our favorites below! This 15-20 minute workout is a quick way to fit in some physical activity on your off gym days.

At Home Workout [4 Rounds]

  1. 0.25 Mile Treadmill Sprint
  2. 25 Jumping Jacks
  3. 20 Plank Reaches

Social Activities

The people around you and the activists you join will have an impact on your mental health as well. We all know companionship is extremely valuable to most people. Try to join friends for dinner or for a walk once a week. If you are looking for a consistent connection, you can add volunteering in the community, attending club or church functions, and choosing to be with people who lift you up.

Another way to have healthy social relationships is by having a Community. By joining Impulse Training, you will have a one-of-a-kind gym community to count on. Having a solid Community will help you to stay consistent and in a positive mindset to put in the work. Incredibly, 85% of gym-goers will attend their home gym at least twice a week to engage in scheduled sessions or classes. Our top fitness tip is to join our Community to see an overall improvement in your healthy lifestyle.

Relaxation and Meditation

Meditation can help you increase your ability to tolerate being frustrated, control your temper, and the ability to better manage your anxiety. Incorporating breathing techniques into your meditation can help you slow down and reset each day. You can even schedule a massage at Impulse Training to wind down at the end of a long week and give your body the break it deserves.

Impulse Training in North Canton, OH provides a world-class training experience for individuals and families at any fitness level. Our knowledgeable staff will partner with you to create your fitness goals, support you as you complete your workout plan, and help you experience results! We offer a variety of training opportunities, and nutrition guidance through our licensed, registered dietitian and onsite massage therapist to ensure you have the resources you need to succeed. Contact us today at 330-499-2266 or learn more at impulsetraining.com.

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