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Ashley Gerrard

Ashley came to Impulse as a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a degree in Exercise Science. Her focus and attention to detail allows her to coach correct form allowing for a better quality and more effective workout. Her mission is to educate you on the importance of taking the proper steps to a healthy lifestyle regardless of where you are starting at. Ashley will encourage you to realize your true potential and assist you in safely achieving your individual goals. She would like to help you become the best you yet!

Impulse Training - Life Is Weird

Life Is Weird

Life is weird. I mean, you only get one life… One chance… And you better not screw it up. So it would be pretty cool if we could find the instruction manual, and follow it step-by-step. Otherwise you could fail, right? No!  This is your life, and there is no instruction manual. There is no …

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Impulse Training - Are You Overtraining?

Are You Overtraining?

As trainers we are so lucky to have such motivated and driven clients. Most of you have shown us your dedication to not miss a class and the willpower to give it your all each time you walk through the doors at Impulse. We see this and couldn’t be more pleased with the results…

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