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Get A Grip

Some of the most frequent phrases I hear in the gym revolve around grip strength: “I could do more weight, but my forearms gave out first.” “My fingers let go before I could do another rep.” “I feel this more in my forearms than my bicep.” The truth is, your grip is an important indicator […]

Detox Do or Do Not

I, Kim, asked our Dietitian at Impulse what her thoughts were on detox diets.  Knowing Courtney’s approach to nutrition, I was surprised and enlightened by her response.  Check out what she has to say….. “Detox diets are under a lot of debate and more research is definitely needed.   Currently, a great resource is the Academy’s […]

Strength Train For Weight Loss

Cardio ain’t the ONLY way to go! Find out why you should pick up some weights, too!

Spring Clean Your Diet

Here’s a list of the top 10 Functional Foods that need to be in your cart the next time you make a visit to the grocery store!

The Incredible Impulse Race 2017

Register by May 1st to get a FREE T-shirt! Rules to Race Day Prior to Race Start Arrive at Impulse Sports and Personal Sports Training by 5:30pm. We will begin announcements and give final instructions before the race. Race starts promptly at 6pm. Have Signed Waiver ready from all team members upon arrival. This will save […]