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Kim Wagler

Kim began her career as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She then graduated from Malone University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Adult Fitness and a minor in Community Health. Upon graduation she found herself as the owner of Impulse and a part of an amazing team of health professionals. Her intention was to simply get people in shape which quickly evolved into a passion for helping people gain back control of their lives. As her mission grew so did her team, her facility size was quadrupled, and soon she was joined by her husband, additional trainers, therapists, and a dietician. Together they have created a positive training experience where everyone can achieve incredible and lasting results. Kim brings passion, expertise, and honesty to a new level as a fitness coach and leader in the fitness industry!

Top 5 Healthy Recipes for Summer

Summer is a great time to get outside and get active, but it also brings a lot of activities and increased temperatures. Eating healthy meals can help you stay energetic and refreshed, so we’ve compiled five simple recipes that fit your summer schedule without sacrificing flavor. Easy to Make Snack: Pistachio Oat Bars Ingredients: 1 …

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3 Ways You Can Participate In National Men’s Health Awareness Month

While most people associate June with the beginning of summer, we must not forget another very crucial reason why June is so important. That reason is that June is National Men’s Health Awareness Month. While you should be putting your health first every day of the year, this special month is an opportunity to shed …

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Impulse Training Class

How Does Having a Healthy Lifestyle Affect Your Mental Health?

Just like you take care of your body, your mental health deserves attention as well. Improving your lifestyle by adding regular exercise and balanced meals will help boost your mental health, energy levels, and overall well-being. Having a supportive community, like at Impulse Fitness, can help you find the right solutions for what your mind …

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Impulse Training - Change


Either you choose change or change chooses you. There are a lot of moments in our lives where change is inevitable, whether we like it or not.  Change can be uncomfortable, challenging, mentally draining, etc.  However, it is a constant in our lives that we must adapt to. So, let us talk about COVID-19 and …

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Impulse Training - How Do You Make Lemonade?

How Do You Make Lemonade?

Wow, what a ​few ​week​s​ it’s been​!​ Despite this crazy emotional roller coaster, I’ve gotten through each day by finding the blessings amid all of the chaos. We had a lot of lemons thrown at our team, and we had to decide if we were going to bite into the sour lemon …or turn it into amazing …

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