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Tim Carter

Tim Carter is a former collegiate football player at Walsh University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2015. He was a 4-year letter winner, named 3 time Academic-All American and 2-Time GLIAC All-Conference team. After graduating from Walsh, he began his professional career as an Admissions Counselor at Walsh University and Assistant Football Coach for the program. He recently earned his Master of Business Administration-Marketing Degree in December of 2017. As of July 2018, he has transitioned into the Assistant Director position within the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Walsh University. In addition, Tim is a certified USAW Sports Performance coach and is currently working towards his CPT and CSCS. He is also heavily involved in working with youth athletes as Vice President of Beyond the Game, a non-profit organization centralized in Stark County. His personal mantra of “Find A Way” has helped him establish a resilient mindset, which he hopes to instill within others.

Impulse Training - Change


Either you choose change or change chooses you. There are a lot of moments in our lives where change is inevitable, whether we like it or not.  Change can be uncomfortable, challenging, mentally draining, etc.  However, it is a constant in our lives that we must adapt to. So, let us talk about COVID-19 and …

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Impulse Training - It's Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

It’s not too late, and it never will be. One of the coolest traditions that my dad and I shared when I was a kid was attending the Ohio State Football home opener every year. We always arrived at the stadium a few hours before kickoff, talked about the expectations for the season, and parked …

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Impulse Training - From The Inside Out

From The Inside Out

Be compassionate, see the good in others and make light of every situation no matter what. That lesson is the most important of all lessons I learned from my mom. It’s how I was raised growing up and is no different today. It’s also how I choose to operate everyday, whether in the Fitness Industry, …

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Impulse Training - Go Deep

Go Deep

“Be mentally tough!” “Don’t quit!” “Let it all out!” At some point in your life, whether it was from a coach, teacher, band and choir director, or even your own parents, you probably heard these phrases. There was one moment, or even multiple moments, where you physically could no longer continue your workout, the last …

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Impulse Training - What If

What If …

How many times have you used the phrase “What If?” Believe me when I tell you that you’re not alone if you use the phrase every single day. On my flight home from San Diego recently, I tried to count the number of times Riley and I had used the phrase when noticing the cloudless …

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Impulse Training - Move Forward

Move Forward

*Written October 22, 2018* Good Morning from Columbus. This week’s WOW comes from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus 1/2 Marathon I ran yesterday.  It also comes from a phrase I’ve been continually hearing from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. When’s the last time your back has been against the wall?  Was there a time that your options …

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Impulse Training - Be Different

Be Different

How many times have you heard the phrase “thinking outside the box”?  I’m sure you’ve heard it every other day, week, etc. So, what does that phrase mean really?  When you think outside the box, you’re coming up with ideas or solutions people don’t normally think of, or trying to find a way through a challenge …

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One Battle At A Time

We are often told to “look at the big picture” of every situation, circumstance or challenge that we face.  Keep doing that because I agree 100%. However, that doesn’t mean we should disregard the little things, minor details or the “small battles” we face on a daily basis. My 11 mile training run this past …

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Impulse Training - Injury Prevention

Top Warmup/Injury Prevention Exercises for Runners (Lower Body)

We hear it every day. The most important part of your workout is the warmup.  How we prepare our body and activate muscle groups determines the success of the workout. I believe in a 5-10 minute dynamic warmup and 5 minute focus on injury prevention before hitting the weights, conditioning or training runs.  Below are some …

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