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Sweat Together Stay Together

Kim Wagler | October 25, 2016

Do you and your spouse/significant other seem to find trouble spending quality time together? Sometimes life just gets too crazy-you might have young kids, work is stressful, and at the end of the day you’re exhausted-you can barely crawl into bed let alone have a deep and meaningful conversation with your spouse. Sometimes it feels like you can hardly take care of yourself and your own health, and if that’s the case, you definitely won’t have any energy to pour into your relationship.

So what can you do about this problem? How can you possibly make time in your crazy schedules to spend more quality time with each other? I have an answer for you: Invest in yourself AND in each other at the same time by having a workout date night at the gym! Did you know it’s proven that couples who workout together report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with each other (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000)? Having a set time once, twice, or even more times a week will give you and your partner something to look forward to. Leave the kids with grandma and grandpa or a sitter for the day and make the conscious decision to invest in your relationship while also investing in your health.


Benefits of working out together:

    • It will allow you to encourage and push each other. The simple presence of someone else will often cause you to work harder. Exercising together will allow you to push each other during the workout, to complete each exercise to the best of your ability, and to leave nothing on the floor.


    • You can meal plan and grocery shop together. As we know, nutrition plays a huge role in your health journey. If you and your spouse are truly committed to living a healthy lifestyle, then it is crucial that you learn how to cook healthy and know what kinds of foods to buy. Meal planning and prepping can be fun; I actually enjoy it! Take some time to plan out some healthy meals together, and maybe even grocery shop together if your schedule allows.


    • You can set goals together and keep each other accountable. We all know it’s easy to set a goal and then either forget about it or decide it’s unattainable about a month later. This happens to so many of us, especially during the new year. We set unrealistic goals, and when we don’t meet our own expectations, we stop trying all together. So Set attainable goals together. Communicate with each other and with your trainer about what you would like to accomplish in your health and fitness journey. Make these goals very specific, and perhaps think of something you can reward yourself with if you both reach your goals. And who better to be an accountability partner than your spouse? Remind each other of how terrible you will feel if you eat that donut, or if you decide to watch TV instead of working out. This accountability will help you grow closer together and create a sense of unity.


    • It will allow you to emotionally bond to one another. Many people view exercising as boring or scary, but trust me, once you begin to make it a habit, you will start to love it! You can do a partner workout together, as well as compete against each other if you need that extra boost of motivation. You can support each other through the ups and downs, encouraging one another through the difficult times as well as celebrating every success.


    • Working out isn’t “stealing” your spouse from you anymore! Instead of being annoyed that the gym is taking another hour of quality time from you and your spouse, you will get to spend this time with each other! I once had a couple tell me that they viewed their workout sessions with me as a date!


    • Your spouse will be able to understand and appreciate your hard work and your workout routine. We all love to talk about things that excite us. This is a part of your week that you can share and then discuss after. Instead of just telling your spouse about that new exercise you learned, or how many reps you completed, they’ll be able to see you in action and admire your accomplishments.


    • Buying presents just got a whole lot easier! Who doesn’t love some new gym apparel or a pair of new gym shoes? Not to mention the need for a gym bag, a nice water bottle, some weights or bands for at home workouts, or an Itunes gift card to buy some new music to pump up your workouts…the possibilities are endless!


    • You are modeling a healthy lifestyle for your kids! We all have someone looking up to us. We obviously want to be the best parents that we can be. Teaching our kids healthy habits at a young age will make it much easier for them to make healthy choices as they grow up. They will see that effort you are putting in to exercise and eat healthy. Although they might be mad now that you aren’t letting them have as many cookies or donuts, they will thank you later.


    • It is a great stress reliever! Exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels. Instead of taking out your anger or stress on each other, you will be getting it out in a healthy way at the gym. In return, you’re going to be happier and more energetic, therefore making your quality time with each other just that much more enjoyable. Exercise causes you to focus; your mind becomes distracted when your body is busy, thus distracting you from the stresses of life.


    • It releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. This positive feeling will cause you to feel more confident and When you feel confident, your relationship will automatically improve. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have insecurities. We all compare ourselves to others. When we’re confident in ourselves and who we are, we are able to pour more energy into others and into helping them. Getting that extra boost of confidence will be just what your relationship needs to thrive.


    • You grow stronger together as you learn to work as a team. As you learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you will build trust in your relationship. You will also learn how to balance each other out based upon these strengths and weaknesses. Be honest and open with each other about the areas of fitness you are struggling with. So often we hate to admit our weaknesses, but when we are honest, it breaks down barriers and creates closeness. Who better to share that with than your spouse? You can apply these team building characteristics in other areas of your life as well.


    • You will learn to adapt to change together as you get out of your comfort zones. Change can be a scary thing for many of us. We are so settled into our daily routines and we don’t want to step outside of our comfort zones. But when we do, we find that life is so much more satisfying. It feels good to take a risk and just go for something. Change is scary, but it is oh so much more rewarding than staying inside our comfort zones. As Neale Donald Walsch said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”


In addition to all of these incredible benefits, there is actual evidence that you are more likely to workout with a romantic partner than by yourself.  In 2002, researchers began investigating and, in 2015, put their results into an article titled “The Influence of Partner’s Behavior on Health Behavior Change” (Sarah E. Jackson, PhD1; Andrew Steptoe, DSc2; Jane Wardle, PhD1). More than 3,700 couples were studied. These couples were over the age of 50, and either married or living together. For purposes of comparison, keep in mind that only 26% of men and 24% of women decide on their own to become active. When working out with a romantic partner, those percentages skyrocketed. Almost 70% of the participants in this study started a regular exercise program when doing it together! That is approximately a 45% increase. Remarkable results, if you ask me.

So what’s stopping you and your partner from getting into the gym? Choose to take control of your health while taking control of your relationship. Invest in yourself and your partner at the same time. If you give this your all, you will be amazed at the outcome. Don’t wait until tomorrow; as Robin Sharma says, “There will never be a better time to be the best you than today.”

Kim Wagler

Kim began her career as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She then graduated from Malone University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Adult Fitness and a minor in Community Health. Upon graduation she found herself as the owner of Impulse and a part of an amazing team of health professionals. Her intention was to simply get people in shape which quickly evolved into a passion for helping people gain back control of their lives. As her mission grew so did her team, her facility size was quadrupled, and soon she was joined by her husband, additional trainers, therapists, and a dietician. Together they have created a positive training experience where everyone can achieve incredible and lasting results. Kim brings passion, expertise, and honesty to a new level as a fitness coach and leader in the fitness industry!


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