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Detox Do or Do Not

Kim Wagler | April 24, 2017

I, Kim, asked our Dietitian at Impulse what her thoughts were on detox diets.  Knowing Courtney’s approach to nutrition, I was surprised and enlightened by her response.  Check out what she has to say…..

“Detox diets are under a lot of debate and more research is definitely needed.   Currently, a great resource is the Academy’s Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietetic Practice Group or the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I do have my opinion on them.

There is no doubt in my mind that certain foods can both impair and enhance liver function…

Detoxification regimens are highly individualized and should be customized to the client based on the person’s habits, lifestyle, environmental exposure, and genetic makeup.

While our body does a great job through the liver to convert non water soluble toxic compounds into water soluble compounds that can be eliminated, in our current environment, we are overloaded with toxic compounds.  From pollution to pesticides to the crazy amount of chemicals in our household and personal care products, as well as the plasticizers used in everyday food and non food items, the dozens of additives, preservatives, and other chemicals in our food.

But, at its core, detoxification is a straightforward prescription:

It’s as simple as R and R:  Remove and Replace…”

Here are some tips from Courtney that will help you in choosing the right “detox” for you!

  • Be cautious of “diet fads” and pop culture trends
  • A typical detoxification protocol recommended by Integrative Medicine Nutritionists as MNT is based on whole foods and phytochemicals (especially cruciferious vegetables, onions, and garlic)
  • A “detox diet” is short term (about 1-3 weeks)
  • Remove foods that may add to the traffic jam or cause additional inflammation in your body.  These foods are dependent on each individual but can include refined sugar, certain food additives or preservatives.
  • Replace with healthful whole foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans,  whole grains, herbs and spices.

A Dietitian’s advice:  Skip the herbal laxatives, enemas, syrup and salt water solutions as these are not proven methods to remove toxins from the body, and they are just unpleasant.

  • For 2 weeks gradually increase fiber and water intake
  • Try some probiotic yogurt drinks for improving intestinal health  (in moderation)
  • Eat a diet with fruits and vegetables as the staple
  • ELIMINATE processed sugar, trans fat, chemical dyes, additives, excess sodium, and processed foods

Kim Wagler

Kim began her career as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She then graduated from Malone University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Adult Fitness and a minor in Community Health. Upon graduation she found herself as the owner of Impulse and a part of an amazing team of health professionals. Her intention was to simply get people in shape which quickly evolved into a passion for helping people gain back control of their lives. As her mission grew so did her team, her facility size was quadrupled, and soon she was joined by her husband, additional trainers, therapists, and a dietician. Together they have created a positive training experience where everyone can achieve incredible and lasting results. Kim brings passion, expertise, and honesty to a new level as a fitness coach and leader in the fitness industry!

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