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8 At Home Workouts You Can Do From Anywhere

8 At Home Workouts You Can Do From Anywhere.

When you're on the go or have travel coming up, you want a plan to help you stay consistent with your workouts - we have it for you! Grab our guide to 8 workouts you can do from anywhere, designed by Impulse Fitness Founder, Kim Wagler.

Impulse training summer menu

Your Summer Menu!

In the summer months, you need some new healthy food options. We've got you covered at Impulse, our nutrition team has put together a 3 week meal plan, along with snacks, recipes, kid friendly options and top tips when eating out just for you. 

What Our Clients Say

Shawn Wittmer

“In my first week at the gym, I was unable to complete a single boot camp workout. Fourteen months and 40 pounds later, I’m in better shape physically than I’ve been in 25 years. Thanks, Impulse!”

Shawn Wittmer

“Through the amazing trainers and workouts at Impulse, I am in the best physical shape of my adult life. I have also gained an amazing group of friends who are a second family!”

Jess Shrock

Jess Shrock

“There aren’t words to describe the people at Impulse. They truly care and are so passionate about health. It’s impossible to get bored. In 8 months, I have yet to do the same bootcamp twice. The yoga has increased my strength and taught me to breathe! The boot camps are for any fitness level and I have improved so much. I used to try to get through them and now I try to excel at them.”

Beth Fuciu

Get The Impulse Experience


A high-intensity full body workout that allows you to burn approximately 600 calories and continue to keep burning after your workout.


Sometimes life is so busy it’s tough to find time to exercise. Specialty Training classes provide a high-quality workout in just 30 minutes.


We discuss your goals and devise a complete fitness plan tailored for you. Clients can expect to improve both their overall health and wellness.


IMPACT is a program created to help you shatter your health and fitness goals. Training sessions are semi-private (2-6 people) which promotes a team atmosphere. You can expect your personal trainer to push you every step in your journey. The program keeps you moving forward and elevates you past fitness plateaus.


Meet Courtney Butterfield—Impulse’s Licensed, Registered Dietitian one-on-one and learn more about how nutrition can fit into your life. You will receive an in-depth, detailed and customized program to meet your body’s individualized needs.


Our bodies are connected through intricate pieces of fascia that without proper care can put us at risk for injuries. With the proper massage techniques our licensed massage therapist is able to keep your body functioning at the highest level which benefit all aspects of your health and wellness.

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