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From The Inside Out

Tim Carter | February 18, 2019

Be compassionate, see the good in others and make light of every situation no matter what.

That lesson is the most important of all lessons I learned from my mom. It’s how I was raised growing up and is no different today.

It’s also how I choose to operate everyday, whether in the Fitness Industry, with my family and friends and life in general.

At Impulse Training, I have a unique opportunity to not just train clients, but to change their lives in a positive way and create unique experiences. For that, I am extremely grateful.

I believe I speak for our entire staff when I say we take pride in choosing to educate, motivate and empower our clients to achieving positive and permanent results. We do that with a divine purpose of remembering “why” we wake up and do what we do.

To me, it’s not about showcasing results on social media, exemplifying my knowledge of the exercises or boosting credibility.

It’s about how I make others feel, drawing a few smiles and hopefully making a difference in someone’s day. One person, one moment at a time. Working from the inside out.

With that being said, this post is a THANK YOU to all of our past, present and future clients for motivating me to wake up every morning and fulfill that divine purpose.

It is also a THANK YOU to my mother, Chris Carter, for raising me to be compassionate, see good in others and making light of every situation no matter what.

I love what I do and I do what I love everyday. And I thank all of you for that.

Work from the inside out. Always.

Tim Carter

Tim Carter is a former collegiate football player at Walsh University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2015. He was a 4-year letter winner, named 3 time Academic-All American and 2-Time GLIAC All-Conference team. After graduating from Walsh, he began his professional career as an Admissions Counselor at Walsh University and Assistant Football Coach for the program. He recently earned his Master of Business Administration-Marketing Degree in December of 2017. As of July 2018, he has transitioned into the Assistant Director position within the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Walsh University.

In addition, Tim is a certified USAW Sports Performance coach and is currently working towards his CPT and CSCS. He is also heavily involved in working with youth athletes as Vice President of Beyond the Game, a non-profit organization centralized in Stark County. His personal mantra of “Find A Way” has helped him establish a resilient mindset, which he hopes to instill within others.


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