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IMPACT Training

IMPACT was created program to help you shatter your health and fitness goals.
Training sessions are semi-private (2-5 people) which promotes a team atmosphere. You can expect your personal trainer to push you every step in your journey. The program keeps you moving forward and elevates you past fitness plateaus.

It’s Premium training at an affordable price!

IMPACT is not:

  • A “cookie cutter” program. It is designed based on your individual fitness assessment and personal goals.
  • Gender or age specific. Anyone can benefit from it.
  • A bootcamp. The small team atmosphere is the perfect combination that mixes high energy and intensity while never losing focus of the individual.
  • Easy. Each program is professionally designed to challenge your body and help you safely reach your goals.


  • a semi-private (2-5 people) training session which promotes a team atmosphere
  • accountability from your personal trainer who will push you for excellence every step of the journey
  • individualized training specific to your needs/wants
  • program progression to make sure you keep moving forward and help you elevate over fitness plateaus
  • individualized metabolic profiling, proving that by doing a little here or there though-out your day can burn extra calories to lose that extra weight.


HERE’S WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY…Impulse has challenged and provided me with the tools to gradually overhaul my life. I never would have dreamed I could possibly be the woman I am today. My weight loss is only a part of what I have accomplished in the past 5 months. I am stronger now, inside and out, and it feels amazing. I have always been on the sidewalk cheering for my boys as they run the Viking Victory Run. This year we will run the Viking Victory Run as a family. — Marcie G (54lbs lost)

You have changed me completely. I can’t thank The Lord enough for putting each of you in my life. The things you guys do that go WAY above and beyond what a typical trainer/client relationship involves is just humbling. When I say I love you, I’m not saying empty words. You’ve become my friends and another family to me. I am so, so blessed! — Chris B (70+ lbs lost)

Four and half months into this journey, I am down 43 pounds, I can see my confidence rising with each workout, and I’ve found a new family who I can’t imagine my life without. — Chris Boron

At Impulse I’ve been able to push my body to do things I would have never thought possible and at 45 yrs young I am in the best shape of my life. That is a great feeling and a self confidence booster in all aspects of my life. Impulse is a small gym with a big heart. — Carrie Brautigam

I wanted to let you guys know that I fit back into my size 8 skinny jeans today!  Buttoned,zipped and no muffin top ! You guys have worked my butt off  literally! — Tina M.