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“On September 14, my 41st birthday, I began a 6 week challenge at Impulse. My goal was little more than to get through the 6 weeks. Having 4 sons in 6 years and essentially no sustained exercise during those years, I would have been happy to simply make it through a 45 minute boot camp. And those first 2 weeks, I barely did make it through.

Never did I imagine that I would find myself completely engaged in a journey of not just weight-loss, but overall wellness – mind, body and spirit. At Impulse, I have found a place that has brought the focus of lifetime wellness to my life. They have empowered and motivated me through their caring, and gentle urging, to take the time and make the effort to be a healthy mother, wife, and woman. Impulse has challenged me and provided me with the tools to gradually overhaul my life. I never would have dreamed I could possibly be the woman I am today. My weightloss is only a part of what I have accomplished in the past 5 months. I am stronger now, inside and out, and it feels amazing.

I have no trouble keeping up with those 4 boys now. And I love that I am setting a positive example for them to be healthy in all aspects of their lives.

I have always been on the sidewalk cheering for my boys as they have run in the past years’ Viking Victory Runs. This year, we will run The Viking Victory Run as a family.”

– Marcie Girdlestone

“I have a proposal for you…”

Considering this was a text from my sister, Theresa, and not my boyfriend, I wasn’t overly eager to respond, but I was curious what she had up her sleeve. (Note to boyfriend: please do not text me THE question). I never could have guessed at that moment what a life-changing experience she was about to offer me.  She then texted a picture of the flyer for the Biggest Winner: Summer Edition contest that was being held at Impulse.

“As an early birthday gift, I’ll pay your registration fee and you can be my partner!”

Now, I know she had my best intentions in mind, but I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or offended, as I would often joke or put up a wall of defense whenever it came to my weight. But after a few minutes of thinking about it (and seeing the $1000 cash prize note on the flyer), I texted back with an enthusiastic, yet not at all confident, “Let’s do this!”

Saying I was terrified to start this program is putting it mildly. I have battled with depression, anxiety and PTSD since I was 15 years old; the medication added 100 pounds (in a year!) to my already 20 pound overweight body. Anything new to me sends a shock through my system of complete fear, irrationality, sleepless nights and often tears. Although I knew this program would be great for me, I really didn’t have the mindset that I needed to get on track. I was so scared to do this that I even stopped in at Impulse before the contest started just to see what I was getting into. I was hoping to do this unnoticed, but owner/trainer Chad stopped what he was doing and asked if he could help me. I let him in on my anxiety, and without judgment he went on to calm my nerves, tell me some things to expect, and let me explore the gym. I left Impulse feeling a bit at ease, but as my first day of bootcamp loomed ahead, the fear came creeping back.

My ever-faithful sister did not let me go alone. She knows me well, and she knew I would be more than on edge at this new challenge. As I stood in the gym for that first bootcamp, I was close to tears and imagined myself running out of there in a panic and making a fool of myself. Theresa smiled at me. I groaned and made a fake smile back at her.  Six pm was upon us. Tucked in the corner as close to the exit as I could get, I huffed and puffed my way through Ashley’s warm up. THAT was a warm up??? Any confidence I had attempted to build up deflated as the demons in my head took advantage of my weakness. But I didn’t stop. This was a gift, after all. One I didn’t want to waste.

I survived that Monday night. I was sore that Tuesday morning. I came back that Wednesday night.

By the end of week 2, I finally came to the realization that my fear of being watched and ridiculed was unwarranted. I was doing the best I could at any given moment, modifications galore, and I reminded myself that everyone else was staying focused on their own work. I started to get to know the trainers, and I realized I was a part of something special.

A new panic set in …I was only signed up for 6 weeks of this! I had made the habit of going to bootcamp 3 or 4 times a week, and I was in no way going to break that routine. Can you believe the thought of not going to Impulse and changing up my routine was now something I had anxiety about?

There was an easy solution to that. When the contest was over and I was down 19 pounds, I signed up for more bootcamps and tried out their IMPACT training. I didn’t think Impulse could offer me anymore, but Josh and his program proved me wrong. He has perfected the concept of “getting my mind right” during a workout, and the challenge has been well worth it.

Working out is, of course, a very physical battle. But stabilizing my mind has been the hardest part of this whole journey.  Each and every trainer at Impulse has positively affected my body, but more importantly, they have changed my mindset for the better. Four and half months into this journey, I am down 43 pounds, I can see my confidence rising with each workout, and I’ve found a new family who I can’t imagine my life without. I just committed to a full year with Impulse, and I can’t WAIT to see what they have in store for me.

Thank you to Theresa for the gift of Impulse, and having the confidence in me that I most certainly did not have. And thank you to Impulse. For EVERYTHING!

 – Chris Boron

Just before Christmas of last year, I decided I would sign up for a contest at a local gym, Impulse.  I’d had enough of me.  After two pregnancies, two c-sections, having my gallbladder out, and battling a thyroid condition all in three years…I found myself looking in the mirror disgusted by the reflection looking back at me and virtually unrecognizable.  In the instant I made that decision, I was unaware of the catalyst of tsunami like change THAT simple choice would make in my life.

In January, my journey began.  The dread I felt when walking into Impulse for my first workout was palpable.  My first boot camp, I got physically ill.  I couldn’t believe I had signed up for this, and wondered how was going to survive the next 6 weeks.    Then on Monday I was back for more, without hesitation.  Why?

This place was special.  The owners, Kim and Chad, had sincerity in their desire to change people’s lives.  It’s their passion that in turn ignites passion in their clientele.  They care about each and every person who crosses that threshold, and its evident.  They want to share as much knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and overall health for the mind and body.  The energy from the trainers and the entire culture radiate positivity.  Their constant encouragement made it unlike any other gym experience I have had.  It’s is a place I look forward to going to, instead of the dread I used to feel when heading to the gym. Its my happy place!

The amazing thing is I love the workouts, and they are tough. I’m never bored or lose interest.  The workouts change all of the time, and 45minutes flies by in a blink.  Anyone can do them, and there are modifications for varying fitness levels.  The trainers are hands on, and constantly gaining knowledge keeping Impulse on the cutting edge of fitness.

My journey continues, 6 weeks turned into 6 months.  My body is transformed, and is still changing every day.  I’ve lost 40+ pounds and counting. 5 dress sizes.  Week to week, I can see the results and definition. It’s exciting!  I’m getting back to the person I was, only better!  I’m grateful for the Impulse team for the amazing gift they have given me.  They care about the effort I put in when I’m there, but also they care about what I’m doing outside of the gym.  I feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself here at Impulse!   They are my family

– Nicole Miller

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. Always wished I could be thinner and compared my body to the girls around me wishing I could be them. The reason I joined impulse has changed since I’ve been there! I started because I wanted my x-boyfriend to regret his decision the next time he saw me! Well I don’t think he deserve any credit for how I feel now! The more I went to impulse and the more I fell in love with it, the more I realized that I wanted to do this for me… not some x-boyfriend! This was something I was going to do for myself. I joined IMPACT with Josh and I absolutely love it! Josh pushes me to do things that I don’t think I can do and believes in me when I don’t believe in myself! I have way more energy during the day and just plain confidence in myself! It’s so nice to have a supportive group of people like the people at Impulse to help push you to your goals!

– Andrea Troyer

At Impulse I’ve been able to push my body to do things I would have never thought possible and at 45 yrs young I am in the best shape of my life. That is a great feeling and a self confidence booster in all aspects of my life. Impulse is a small gym with a big heart

– Carrie Brautigam

Joining Impulse was a life changing experience for me.  You gave me confidence and encouraged me to push for more.  I have been able to do more with this (old) body than I thought possible.  You all have helped me to believe in myself and that the possibilities are endless.  My body, soul and mind are stronger thanks to all of you.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart and God Bless.

– Chris C.

I wanted to thank you both for being so awesome  this challenge has really pushed me in a way I’ve never been pushed before. Its been physically challenging and I expected that but I wasn’t prepared for the mental and spiritual journey it would take me on. I’ve learned so much about myself and that I can do so much more than I ever thought I could. I’ve gained self esteem and awakened the sleeping fighter within. I am really enjoying myself  and for Kim, I bonded with you from the start lol your a little stick of dynamite! In many ways you remind me of my sister. In the fact that you’re so small but so tough and you encourage people to push harder and help them believe they can do anything. My sister loves super girl things and you are definitely a super girl  thank you guys!

P.S. I wanted to let you guys know that I fit back into my size 8 skinny jeans today!  Buttoned,zipped and no muffin top :) huge thank you and love love love to Josh,Kim & Chad! You guys have worked my butt off :) literally! lol

– Tina M.

Growing up I never had to worry about my weight or what I ate.  I played sports from middle school through college.  When I got married and later became a mom, I started gaining weight eating the way I always did. I became concerned as I began to have more issues with my back, due to scoliosis and my weight.  As a high school tennis coach, I started working out in the weight room with the team, but I continued to gain weight.  I refused diets and wanted a lifestyle change, so I shared my concern with my doctor.  She conducted several tests for thyroid issues.  Fortunately, the tests came back negative but I still couldn’t lose the weight.  In February of 2011, my back pain was so severe that I had to concentrate to put one foot in front of the other and I had to wear an electro-stimulator for a month to deal with the pain.  In May, I spoke with another doctor who encouraged me to begin by losing 30 pounds.  I thought it was impossible and I was afraid of failure.

In July, a friend asked me to be on her Biggest Winner team.  Although, I still had a fear of failure I knew I had no choice if I wanted to begin my journey of weight loss, and what better way to stay committed than to be accountable to a team.  This was the best decision I have made for my health. I was immediately impressed with the passion the Impulse trainers have for their clients.  They allow you to work at your level of physical ability while pushing you to go further and encouraging you to recognize your possibilities.  My journey has only begun and I am currently at a weight loss of 28 lbs.  Already, I feel better and have experienced little to no back pain.  In addition, I have more energy, and confidence.  I am no longer afraid of failure and I am challenged by the opportunities of adopting a lifestyle.  It’s my goal and it is within reach!

– Teresa M

I’m not sure I can put it into words, but here it goes.  Joining Impulse was a life changing experience for me.  You gave me confidence and encouraged me to push for more.  I have been able to do more with this (old) body than I thought possible.  You all have helped me to believe in myself and that the possibilities are endless.  My body, soul and mind are stronger, thanks to all of you.  You guys ROCK!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart and God Bless!

– Chris C.

“I’m an addict! Addicted to Bootcamp, that is!

After falling, yet once again down the steps, I had had enough. It was time to improve my balance and I was motivated. What if that had been my baby and not a sweeper in my hands when I fell? So, off to 6 AM Bootcamps I went. I must admit that the first couple weeks were tough! Muscles I never knew I had were aching and I refused to laugh at my husbands jokes because my sides hurt so bad. To make matters worse, the scale didn’t budge. But people were commenting that I looked better, and I had to admit that I had more energy and I was doing something good for myself… so I persevered. I realized I wasn’t doing this for anyone else, I was doing this for me, and that became my motivator.

I have been attending Bootcamps on a regular basis for the past 7 months and slowly the scale has moved in my favor, my dress size has gone down, and thankfully the muscle aches and pains have subsided. But for me, the most important aspect of going to 6 AM Bootcamps is that finally I have found a guiltless way of spending time, doing something for myself, that is making me a better person. Not only am I changing my appearance on the outside, but my self esteem and self confidence has been boosted as well.”

– Lisa M

“When I walked into the doors at Impulse for the first time, I never would have thought it would have such an impact on my life. I really am a “junkie” :)  I would not be where I am today without you guys – and I’m so blessed to know all of you. Thank you for being supportive and genuine. It’s a great thing that you guys are doing at Impulse – because you make it about the people, and you care. I’m hooked for life!”

– Heather K

“At 48 years old I wanted to get into shape.  I’ve tried lots of diets, gyms and personal trainers over the years.  My experience at Impulse was the first time I lost the weight and gained a healthy lifestyle.”

– Pam P

“A lifelong choice has become an amazing journey. Working with Josh at Impulse and seeing the passion he has for changing people’s lives and seeing something in me that was worth fighting for has changed my life. I am now a better me and for that I will be forever grateful!”

– Jody M

Thanks to all of you for being such an inspiration to me these last 8 weeks…..all the encouragement and positive attitude helped me so much! You guys are awesome at what you do!

– Lori C

I had an amazing 8 weeks at bootcamp. I tried things I never would have thought I could do…and enjoyed it more than I thought possible!! Thanks to all the trainers. I am going to miss it so much!!!!

– Shannon M

Just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your help through Impact. I know i didn’t do half the work that the others did, but what you had me do has helped me a lot.
I can do more things now than before, Like :
I can squat and get up without help (most of the time ) now.
I am more limber
I can sit on the floor and touch my toes
I can sit on a chair and bend to tie my shoes easier
I can reach the top cupboard to get things ,without straining
I feel taller
I walk better, it is easier now to walk and my good foot doesn’t shuffle anymore, I don’t have to force my legs to move
i can go up the steps in the morning without holding on to the railings
i am learning to eat better
I have more energy
Oh… and i fit into my clothes better!
Thanks Kim. May God Bless you Richly!

– Violetta T

I am grateful to have you and the Impulse staff and members as part of my life, there is something special going on at Impulse and I am happy to be a part of it.  Thanks for all you do!

– Tabby V

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