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Love Your Shadow

Five tips for creating a great silhouette:

  1. Stand up straight: You can grow two inches and lose ten pounds just by improving your posture.  Plus, you’ll just feel better.
  2. Get to the core: Hold your core tight all the time, not just during training.  It will help prevent low back pain and help you get your six-pack faster.
  3. Shoulder the load: Most women naturally have more powerful lower bodies than upper.  Don’t be afraid to lift enough weight to balance it out.
  4. Look in a mirror: Stand sideways and see where your shoulders fall in line with your hips.  If your shoulders are forward, your head and neck will be forward too, potentially causing undo neck pain.
  5. Eat properly: It’s 80 percent of the total effort needed to reach your goals.

Kimberly Wagler, BA, CPT
Co-Owner, Impulse Personal and Sports Training