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Myzone Vs Wrist Trackers

Travis Coblentz | June 6, 2017

There’s a common myth that wrist-based heart rate monitors are just as accurate as a chest strap-based heart rate monitor. This is simply not true. The monitor itself may be very accurate, but there are a lot of other variables that can bring down its accuracy. A wrist monitor gets less and less accurate the more active you are. The monitor itself on the wrist can be susceptible to moving around whenever you move.

Chest straps, like the MyZone, are better because they are able to measure the electrical impulses of the heart beating instead of just the blood flow through the wrist. This makes the MyZone way more accurate, and they are actually 99% accurate to an EKG. MyZones are also not affected by how much you move, and the actual strap will not move around affecting the accuracy level. The MyZone also allows you to instantly see what heart rate zone and what percentage of your max heart rate you are currently using. If you are going to make an investment into your health and fitness by getting a tracker, make sure it is one that will give you accurate information to get you results!

Reasons To Buy A MYZONE!

  • Incredibly Accurate
    • 99% accurate to an EKG
    • Other heart rate trackers worn on the wrist are statistically 20 beats over/under actual heart rate
  • Added Accountability
    • Set goals and track them over time
    • Accountable to your social contacts and the trainers who are looking out for you
  • Rewards all Fitness Levels
    • Every person has zones custom to them and their heart rate which puts everyone on the same playing field
  • Provides History
    • Stores all workouts you have ever tracked
    • See how far you have come over time
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Travis Coblentz

Travis is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He started his journey at Impulse as an intern in 2014, and he has fallen in love with the positive culture at Impulse. Along with his CPT certification Travis is currently studying for his Corrective Exercise Specialist certification through NASM. Travis is an avid slow-pitch player and loves to help previous athletes get back to their prime. He enjoys working with clients and helping them to progress to the next level of fitness and wellness by tapping into their hidden strengths.


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