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IMPACT Training

IMPACT is a program created to help you shatter your health and fitness goals. Training sessions are semi-private (2-6 people) which promotes a team atmosphere. You can expect your personal trainer to push you every step in your journey. The program keeps you moving forward and elevates you past fitness plateaus. It’s Premium training at an affordable price!


Specialty Training

Sometimes life is so busy that it’s tough to find time to exercise. With Specialty Training classes—you can get a high-quality workout done in just 30 minutes! Our Specialty Training classes will leave you with a renewed strength: mind, body and spirit! And since these classes max out at 6 people per session, you are guaranteed some up-close, detailed attention from your personal trainer!


Personal Training

Receive a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with an Impulse personal trainer. During that meeting our educated and experienced trainers will discuss your goals and devise a complete fitness plan tailored for you. Personal training clients can expect to lose weight, reduce body fat, increase muscle strength and definition, increase metabolism, gain flexibility, improve aerobic endurance, and improve their overall health and wellness.


Team Training

Join us for a high-intensity full body workout that allows you to burn approximately 600 calories and continue to keep burning after your workout using the metabolic system. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone up, or just get in shape—Team Training will get you there.



Get the body you deserve and see results you have been working so hard for! Studies show that fitness trends and physical activity levels have increased over the years, however, so has the rate of obesity. This shows how much of an impact nutrition has in lifestyle. Meet Impulse’s Licensed, Registered Dietitian one-on-one and learn more about how nutrition can fit into your life. You will leave with an in-depth, detailed and customized program to meet your body’s individualized needs.



Our bodies are connected through intricate pieces of fascia that without proper care can put us at risk for injuries. With the proper massage techniques our licensed massage therapist is able to keep your body functioning at the highest level which benefit all aspects of your health and wellness.


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