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Specialty Training

Sometimes life is so busy that it’s tough to find time to exercise. Now, with our Specialty Training classes, you can get a high-quality workout done in just 30 minutes! We’ve got classes that range from targeting specific muscle groups (Flex30) and learning proper form (Engage30), to working on that core (HardCORE30), understanding the importance of workout recovery (Recover30), and so much more!

Our Specialty Training classes will leave you with a renewed strength: mind, body and spirit! And since these classes max out at 6 people per session, you are guaranteed some up-close, detailed attention from your personal trainer!

New clients should complete our enrollment form or call (330) 807-7787 to enroll in specialty training today.
Existing clients can register using the Impulse App.


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If you are an older adult male or female (65+) looking to improve your endurance and balance, then join us and embrace your age while gaining strength and confidence. These workouts will consist of functional movements that will allow you to regain your stability, endurance and help prevent falls or other injuries!


Join us for a 30-minute kick-butt workout targeting all the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings.  It's time to invest in your assets!


Need a date night or motivation to work out?  Try it with your significant other!  You'll be surprised how fun it is to workout together and push each other in the gym.  You can expect a variety of fun partner workouts in this class from week to week.  Along with exercise being a great stress reliever, doing it together will create a stronger emotional bond, as well as teamwork skills.


“Pelvic tilt!” “Engage your core!” “Squeeze your cheeks!” “Shoulders down and back!” Have you heard these phrases and not quite understood how to execute them? Everything we do becomes a neurological pattern, and we are training our bodies to perform a certain movement in a specific pattern. An incorrect movement pattern can lead to injury, and this is why we must first train our individual structures for stability, balance and proper function within the body. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Time to find that missing link and achieve your optimal strength!


A 30 minute Full Intensity Training session will truly test your maximum physical effort and challenge you to get far outside your fitness comfort zone. Expect your mind and body to be pushed further than you thought possible!  This class may not be for you if you're unable to complete 10 full push ups, 5 pull ups, hold a 2 minute plank with no back pain, and squat and lunge with no knee pain.  Talk to your trainer if you have any questions about participating in this class.  Not for the faint of heart!


Take your body to the next level!  Join us for 30 minutes of toning and strengthening using scientifically proven methods of training.  Reap the guaranteed benefits of focusing on a set of specific muscle groups in each class!  GET SWOLE!


These 30 minutes will consist entirely of core exercises!  You can expect some different, more advanced moves that will challenge your core in a new way.  Having a strong core will also help you correct postural issues.  Come ready to work hard and amp up your results with this HardCORE class!


This 30 minute session is for individuals with special needs and will include a variety of exercise styles to positively impact brain chemistry, emotional health, and physical conditioning.  Taught by a Certified Trainer & Licensed Special Education teacher, whose passions are to educate, motivate, and empower each participant to a healthier lifestyle.  Class capacity will be limited to 4 heroes and their helpers!   Call to set up a free evaluation. Class times will be discussed at your evaluation!

There are three opportunities for you to help out:

  1. Prayers— for the individuals who will be participating, as well as for us trainers as we want to positively impact their lives.
  2. Financial— we want to lower the cost for these families. If we get 36 people to donate $10/month or a one time donation of $120, it will allow 8 individuals to participate in this program for a year at the cost of only $60/month.
  3. Participation— if you know of anyone who would be a good fit for this program, please let us know! We would love to get more people involved. E-mail [email protected] for details on times of classes.


As a High Intensity Training session, you can expect all the energy of a team training style class packed into 30 minutes. Make sure you grab extra water and towels for this calorie blasting sweat fest!


If you are aiming to enhance your health and performance, this 30 minute class is a MUST HAVE. Rest and recovery techniques are critical components to any successful training program; however, they are also the least planned and rarely completed. This will be 30 minutes dedicated to making sure your body is in tip top shape to take on the stressors of day to day use and those epic workouts you plan to keep up with!

Active Recovery:

  • rebuilds muscle tissue
  • reduces over training
  • improves performance & results
  • strengthens joints & ligaments
  • reduces risk of injury


Expect a high energy and challenging 30 minute workout based around, but not limited to, the TRX suspension trainer! Learn new and exciting exercises all while our trainers push you outside your fitness comfort zone as your muscles get stronger.

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