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Specialty Training

Sometimes life is so busy that it’s tough to find time to exercise. Now, with our Specialty Training classes, you can get a high-quality workout done in just 30 minutes! Our Specialty Training classes will leave you with a renewed strength: mind, body and spirit! And since these classes max out at 6 people per session, you are guaranteed some up-close, detailed attention from your personal trainer!


These 30 minutes will consist entirely of core exercises!  You can expect some different, more advanced moves that will challenge your core in a new way.  Having a strong core will also help you correct postural issues.  Come ready to work hard and amp up your results with this HardCORE class!


As a High Intensity Training session, you can expect all the energy of a team training style class packed into 30 minutes. Make sure you grab extra water and towels for this calorie blasting sweat fest!


Impulse has challenged and provided me with the tools to gradually overhaul my life. I never would have dreamed I could possibly be the woman I am today. My weight loss is only a part of what I have accomplished in the past 5 months. I am stronger now, inside and out, and it feels amazing. I have always been on the sidewalk cheering for my boys as they run the Viking Victory Run. This year we will run the Viking Victory Run as a family.

Marcie Girdlestone

You have changed me completely. I can’t thank The Lord enough for putting each of you in my life. The things you guys do that go WAY above and beyond what a typical trainer/client relationship involves is just humbling. When I say I love you, I’m not saying empty words. You’ve become my friends and another family to me. I am so, so blessed!

Chris Boron

I’m not sure I can put it into words, but here it goes… Joining Impulse was a life changing experience for me. You gave me confidence and encouraged me to push for more. I’ve been able to do more with this (old) body than I thought possible. You all have helped me to believe in myself and that the possibilities are endless. My body, soul and mind are stronger thanks to all of you. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks from the bottom of my heart and God Bless!

Chris Coblentz

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