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Sugar Substitutions

Kim Wagler | July 1, 2014

Replacing the Unhealthy Sugar

If you have to use sugar there are a couple healthier options to try. Your best option is a local raw honey and the second is organic pure maple syrup. There are plenty of easy conversion charts out there when trying to replace regular sugar with either of those. Make sure you are still watching your portion control. Even though it is a healthier option, its still sugar and your body doesn’t need much.

Skip the artificial sweeteners! They do nothing for your cravings and may cause other health problems. Natural whole food is always the best way to go. Remember, its about quality not quantity.

Many times, cravings come from a lack of protein or nutrient deficiency. Before succumbing to those cravings, think about when the last time you ate. You may just be hungry and its time for your next meal or snack. Try increasing the your daily protein and see if you notice a change. Then try to reduce the amount of sugar in your day to help the body naturally detox from it. Eat whole real food and check labels for added sugars. (your next email will go more into detail about how to do this)

When battling a sugar craving, try eating a piece of fruit and a big glass of water or a nice cup of hot green tea. This will fill your belly and give you that sweet kick your looking for. Also, try adding some lemon to your drinking water. If you are still fighting off a craving after trying the previous options, then try chewing a piece of gum. This doesn’t mean the whole pack, but one piece can help give you a little something extra and trick your mind into thinking its getting a treat.

Healthy Drink substitutions

Water is always going to be your best bet. Getting 5-6 glass of water a day is ideal! Many people however, complain about wanting flavor so here are a few options to try to help cut out the added sugar not to mention all the additives and coloring.

Infused water:

Fruit+Infused+Water+Recipes+LCThese drinks are as good as they look. Infused waters have a subtly sweet taste and a cleansing effect on your body that is not only refreshing but also healthy.Place any combination of fruits and fresh herbs to make these easy drinks. Fill jars or pitcher with water and any combination you enjoy, let steep for at least an hour but over night will give you the best flavor. Some combinations I enjoy are
orange + lemon + lime
lemon + raspberry + mint
lemon + cucumber + mint
blackberry + cherry + lime

You really can’t go wrong with any combination though. :)

Black is going to be best but if you are one who likes to add cream and sugar try adding almond or coconut milk and a little cinnamon instead.

Leave the sports drinks behind! instead try an unflavored coconut water to replenish your energy

Ice tea:
Leave the bottled and powdered ice teas behind. Making your own is easy. You can make your own two different ways. The first is to fill a glass pitcher with water throw 4-5 tea bags in then stick it in the let it steep over night in the refrigerator. You can also boil the water before filling the pitcher if you want to rush the process. Add some mint leaves, cucumbers, lemons, or berries of choice to add some extra flavor. This will be full of energy and flavor come the morning to fill your water bottle and go

If you like the fizz

Tea Soda:
Steep 2 tea bags of your favorite herbal tea in boiling water. Chill. Add 1 cup of sparkling mineral or soda water. You’ll have instant flavored fizzy drink with close to no sugar. Not to mention the lack of coloring and other additives.

Green smoothie : (full of energy and is also anti-inflammatory)
1 cup ice
½ Lebanese cucumber (about 4 inches)
1 celery stalk (about 6inches long)
1 cos or romaine lettuce leaf
1 whole lime, peeled
1 teaspoon green powder (I used a spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass mix)
1 piece of ginger root
pinch turmeric powder
1 cup water

Place all ingredients in a power blender and blend until smooth, 30-60 seconds on low-medium speed.

2 cups of almond milk
1 medium banana
¼ avocado
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 tbsp rolled oats
1 tbsp ground seed of choice (ex. ground linseed, sunflower seeds, flax seed, almond mix, chia seed)
a handful of spinach, kale or chard leaves

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. divide into glasses and enjoy.


Kim Wagler

Kim began her career as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She then graduated from Malone University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Adult Fitness and a minor in Community Health. Upon graduation she found herself as the owner of Impulse and a part of an amazing team of health professionals. Her intention was to simply get people in shape which quickly evolved into a passion for helping people gain back control of their lives. As her mission grew so did her team, her facility size was quadrupled, and soon she was joined by her husband, additional trainers, therapists, and a dietician. Together they have created a positive training experience where everyone can achieve incredible and lasting results. Kim brings passion, expertise, and honesty to a new level as a fitness coach and leader in the fitness industry!

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