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The Incredible Impulse Race 2017

Register by May 1st to get a FREE T-shirt!

Rules to Race Day

Prior to Race Start

  1. Arrive at Impulse Sports and Personal Sports Training by 5:30pm.
    • We will begin announcements and give final instructions before the race.
    • Race starts promptly at 6pm.
  2. Have Signed Waiver ready from all team members upon arrival.
    • This will save time and confusion
    • Email or stop by Impulse to pick up your waivers.
  3. Please have a working cellphone with you at all times. This will help you if needed along with having access to call someone in case of an emergency.
    • EMERGENCY CONTACT: (please place in at least one persons phone)
      Tara Neidert 330-933-8549, call or text with questions/help

During Race

  1. All team members must stay together and follow each race stop/business rules
  2. All challenges must be finished before moving on to the next stop.
    • Not all challenges will require participation from all 4 members, if this is the case, you have the decision on who will participate.
  3. Each stop will have a ticket that you will receive after completing the challenge.
    • All tickets┬ámust come back with you to start the final challenge to win Grand Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  4. Must use own vehicle and obey all traffic rules and regulations
    • Impulse is not responsible for any consequences from disobeying these rules

After the Race

  1. If there are any penalties incurred during the race, they will be assessed before you can begin the final challenge.
  2. Winners will be determined by what place you finish.