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Time to Schedule a Vacation

Chris Smith | July 17, 2016

Okay, so I’m a little nervous to leave Impulse for an entire week, but I’m pretty sure those feelings will disappear once I have the Mighty Atlantic just a few feet away from me.

Americans have taken to the workaholic culture so much that a large percentage of vacation time actually goes unused. But why? Some people may feel guilty for leaving. Others hate the idea of coming home after vacation to a pile of work, so they’d rather forgo any fun in the sun to prevent falling behind.

Below are some advantages of why I believe vacation time far outweighs the negative consequences of not being at work for a week.

  • It gives me time to slow down. Living in a go-go-go society causes life to cruise by. Although I thrive on routine, vacation allows me to step away and enjoy the beauty of just “being.”
  • The benefit of quality time with loved ones is highly underestimated! Vacations are perfect for reconnecting with your favorites. After all, memories that you can share with future generations typically aren’t made by sitting behind a desk.
  • Vacations allow me to reset. Resting, relaxing, and enjoying time off will help to prevent getting burned out on the job. The goal is to have more energy, fire and an increased productivity level for when I return to work (all necessities when working with Kim Wagler!).

So while I may be a little nervous about clocking out for a week, I know the vacation is needed. And one of the best ways to fully enjoy your vacation is to leave your work behind by preparing and doing it ahead of time. Because the reality is …I wrote this a week ago, and I’m currently enjoying my time being a few feet away from the Mighty Atlantic as you’re reading this.

Now go schedule some vacation time!

Ciao from the Carolinas!

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Chris Smith

Chris graduated from Walsh University with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Master's Degree in Education. She joined Impulse as a client in 2013 as an overweight, out-of-shape and depressed person looking to get healthy. With consistent workouts and cleaner eating, better health poured into her life along with an 80 pound weight loss. She was asked to join the Impulse team in 2014 as a Guest Relations Coordinator. Her most important role at Impulse is making people feel at home by being able to relate to the struggles of getting your health under control. Chris's compassion and empathy for each client helps them see their potential through her own story. She has experienced all the different service options offered at Impulse, and she is able to give honest insight as to what programs would be in the best interest of each client. Her role at Impulse is continually evolving and now involves everything from finances, to marketing, to most importantly...taking care of our clients!


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