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Why Choose Ascent?

Ascent is the new benchmark for Supplements!

With zero artificial ingredients and no fillers, Ascent is one of the highest quality supplement brands ever developed. Impulse chose Ascent because it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for, and we can trust their products. If you are interested in learning more about any of their products, please see Travis Coblentz (he knows his stuff!), and we will be happy to try and find the best option for you!

Ascent Protein

Instead of not being sure what is in most protein powders, you can trust that you are getting what’s advertised in this product with nothing fake added and minimal ingredients. You are getting high levels of Essential amino acids and Branch chain amino acids like Leucine which help trigger muscle protein synthesis (the pathway your body uses to build muscles and recover). Ascent whey protein also has a fast digestion rate which is crucial because you want quick absorption after a workout to get amino acids out to the muscles that need it. Whey protein also has the highest score possible for digestibility which is also critical because your body can’t use what it doesn’t digest.

All New Ascent Pre-Workout

The all new Pre-Workout from Ascent is clean energy! It boosts energy levels, hydration to your muscles and gets the body prepared to work while having zero sugar and nothing artificial. The 150mg of caffeine is sourced from all-natural coffee fruit extract. If you are looking for that all-natural boost before a workout or game without having to worry that it’s going to hurt you, this is it!