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Ascent Peanut Butter Protein Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love peanut butter cookies? Add some protein powder for a great workout snack.

Do Valentine’s Day The Heart Healthy Way

Celebrate love by keeping your heart healthy!

Herbs And Spices

Put a flavorful spin on your favorite healthy dishes!

How Should I Fit Protein Bars And Powders Into My Lifestyle?

It can be overwhelming when deciding which protein bar or powder to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. How do you know what’s best for you?!

Cravings and Defficiencies

Some believe that cravings are caused by nutrient deficiencies and view them as the body’s way to correct them. Yet others insist that, unlike hunger, cravings are largely about what your brain wants, rather than what your body actually needs. As of now, there is no evidence one way or the other. Most cravings from […]