Trim fat and build strength with comprehensive, trainer-led workouts.

Small Group Training with Big Results

Our strength training workout class, called Impact, is led by a personal trainer. The strength class uses a combination of weights, body weight and cardio exercises to create a workout that gets results. Our classes are 60-minute and are limited to a small group size (2-6 people) which means trainers can customize workout intensity per person in real time. You will be coached on form as you go, ensuring you know exactly what you’re doing and no one gets hurt through lifting incorrectly.

Each class contains a variety of upper-body, lower-body, and core exercises, sandwiched between a warm-up routine and dynamic cool-down stretching to encourage flexibility and mobility.

Personalized Fitness for All Levels

These classes meet people where they’re at. Maybe you want to push yourself to your limits every session, or maybe it’s a win for you to just get in the gym regularly and know you’re building strength and endurance. Either way you’ll find a supportive community that will encourage you, motivate you, and push you just the right amount.

You fit in at Impulse.

Some like to push themselves to their limits. Others simply want a workout they feel good about. Our inclusive community supports everyone. Our members make connections, provide encouragement, and keep each other motivated! We’re here to make you feel great!

Customizable strength training classes

Holistic fitness approach

Supportive community & personalized coaching

Start with a free consultation or trial membership

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