Take care of your joints in 30-minute small-group sessions.

"ATG" Fitness Classes

No fitness experience required! ATG is our solution for “All Things Gym.” These trainer-led classes focus on injury prevention through movements that strengthen and protect the muscles around your joints. Smaller class sizes mean you will get individual coaching from trainers.

Joint and Mobility Training
Joint Training

Knees Over Toes Training

Our injury prevention classes take a “knees over toes” training approach, emphasizing strength, flexibility, and mobility. This provides you with improved balance and coordination, muscle development, and flexibility. If you want to build mobility, structural balance,  and overall functional fitness, ATG are the classes for you!

You fit in at Impulse.

Some like to push themselves to their limits. Others simply want a workout they feel good about. Our inclusive community supports everyone. Our members make connections, provide encouragement, and keep each other motivated! We’re here to make you feel great!

Fitness for Joint Health

Knees Over Toes Training Approach

Individualized Coaching for All Fitness Levels

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