Get your sweat on and burn some calories with a fun, supportive community.

Cardio, Conditioning, Calorie Burning

Our 45-minute group classes, called Team Training, are focused on conditioning and calorie burning. Trainers lead the group through a variety of cardio workout routines and high-energy, body weight exercises to get you sweating and get your heart pumping. Because of the larger class sizes, these workouts involve less customization and 1-1 coaching than our other classes.

Fun & Supportive

These classes are super fun and judgement-free. If you want to show up, burn some calories, and unlock your endorphins with an encouraging group of like-minded people—these are the classes for you.

You fit in at Impulse.

Some like to push themselves to their limits. Others simply want a workout they feel good about. Our inclusive community supports everyone. Our members make connections, provide encouragement, and keep each other motivated! We’re here to make you feel great!

Dynamic Metabolic Conditioning

Large Group Fitness Fun

Calorie-Burning Cardio Workouts

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