Get your heart rate up, build overall cardio health, and develop lean muscles in 30-minute small-group sessions.

HIIT Cardio Classes

Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes combine intense cardio fitness with a dash of weight training for a jam-packed half hour. We focus on burning calories, developing lean muscles and creating overall cardio health. You will be working with a trainer and 1-5 other people, guaranteeing individual trainer attention during the session.

HIIT Training

More Results in Less Time

Some people wonder if beginners can do HIIT classes. The answer is “Yes.”  Our trainers will tailor the exercises for your skill level. You will find that 30 minutes goes fast. Members value the fact that they can get maximum health benefits in minimal time in this class.

Don’t have a ton of time in your schedule for exercise? This is the class for you.

You fit in at Impulse.

Some like to push themselves to their limits. Others simply want a workout they feel good about. Our inclusive community supports everyone. Our members make connections, provide encouragement, and keep each other motivated! We’re here to make you feel great!

Efficient 30-Minute HIIT Workouts

Personalized Training for All Levels

Boost Cardio Health & Build Lean Muscle

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