While most people associate June with the beginning of summer, we must not forget another very crucial reason why June is so important. That reason is that June is National Men’s Health Awareness Month. While you should be putting your health first every day of the year, this special month is an opportunity to shed a little extra light on the importance of men’s health. Here are three ways you can participate this month to ensure you’re being the healthiest you can be for the rest of the year.


Exercising is one of the most beneficial and versatile ways you can enhance your health. If you don’t already have one, consider signing up for a gym membership. If the gym isn’t your speed, don’t fret, we often think you need to go to the gym to workout, but you can actually work out basically anywhere at any time. From walking your dogs to the park, going for a jog on your treadmill, to working out at the gym, there is always a way you can get a good sweat in. If you are just starting out, aim for two-to-three times a week. This amount of exercise gives your body the time it needs to adjust to the new routine without overworking your body. If you are more acclimated to working out and just haven’t in a while, shoot for three-to-four times a week. Again, if you aren’t working out consistently, it’s important to ease yourself back into the swing of things. The hardest part is always getting started but once you do, the benefits of daily exercise will change your life.

Eat Healthy

Nourishing your body with the best food possible stands side by side with exercise. Staying away from processed foods is a great place to start as well as eliminating sugar. Eating these easily accessible, processed foods has been associated with a sizable list of health problems. Foods to focus on are fruits and veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and protein. While not everybody needs the same amounts of these, it’s important to be getting a healthy dose of each every day based on your caloric intake. For example, if you have more muscle mass or a higher metabolism, you will need to increase your protein intake as well as your calories. To start eating more healthy foods, try incorporating the following:

Remember, it’s not about just going on a diet for the month and then calling it quits. You want to enjoy your food so find a way to create a lifestyle of healthy eating to make certain you live a long and healthy life.

Go See Your Doctors

Even the healthiest people on earth have complications. The best way to combat this? Staying on top of your annual checkups is the most effective way to maintain your health and avoid any issues that may come. Yearly physicals are a great place to start because they offer an in-depth look at your overall health. Vision screenings are usually put on the back burner because people often don’t have time in their schedule for them. Thankfully we live in a time where you can do just about anything online. Try renewing your eyeglasses prescription online to avoid any scheduling conflicts. Other important health checkups to stay up to date on are teeth cleanings, colon cancer screenings, and skin checkups.

On top of your physical check-ups, make sure to address any mental health issues you may be suffering from as well. It is no secret that men still feel uncomfortable talking about mental health. Just know that today there are more resources for mental health counseling than ever before. If you haven’t been feeling yourself lately, an online therapy appointment could be a good place to start. If you think you need something in-person, talk to your primary care provider to see if they have a local place that they can refer you to. Either way, addressing your mental health will help you lead a more rounded healthy life.

Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow all of these tips, use this month as an opportunity to spread awareness to all the men you have in your life. Odds are that there is a couple of adjustments you can make to lead a more healthy life. Start today and create the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of living.

Cheers to National Men’s Health Awareness month and good health!